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The Playboy Mansion For Sale…Equipped With Hef

The famous Playboy mansion is up for sale in Los Angeles’ Holmby Hills neighborhood with a hefty (pun intended) price tagPlayboy Mansion Hosts Red Carpet Event For EuropaCorp's "The Transporter Refueled" of $200 million. However, there is one small catch: Hefner wants to live in the house for the remainder of his life.

Company spokesman, John Vlautin, told USA TODAY that, “if a buyer is found for the Playboy Mansion, Mr. Hefner will continue to live at the mansion for the rest of his life.”

Hefner bought the infamous mansion in the early 1970s for just $1 million. The Playboy Mansion has been a Hollywood staple for decades, known for its wild parties and Hef’s live-in girlfriends.

The property sits on over 5 acres of land, is over 20,000 square feet and boasts 29 rooms. It also has a 4-bedroom guest house, home theatre, gym, tennis court, swimming pool, and zoo.