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S. Yamini-Vahedi

“For the past 3 years my husband and I had been looking for a home for our family. We were looking with 3 different brokers. They either showed us homes above our budget or below. When we did see things in our price range, it would go into multiple offers and it would sell for 300,000 to $500,000  above asking price which was just ridiculous. After getting fed up and not getting anywhere, we decided to work with Mitra Moradifar. She was recommended by 3 family members of ours who bought homes from her. After 2 weeks, yes 2 weeks, she found us our dream home. I know this sounds insane but it’s true!! After almost giving up on looking for a home,Mitra saved us. It’s rely amazing how Mitra knows so much about what she is doing. She truly delivered what she promised. She is so professional, kind, understanding, and always on time. My husband and I are truly blessed to have met her and we will always be grateful of her hard work. If you are looking for a broker who will get the job done ASAP, without any headache, Mitra is your lady. Don’t waste your time with anyone else.”